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Information Management & Public Outreach

We research, organize, and evaluate the data you need to build a strong case.

Our experts can help manage, interpret, and present the large amount of data you have collected.

We specialize in turning data into information and then into action. We bring together the three critical skill sets needed to apply knowledge and data management: the ability to understand and build mathematical models, the applied engineering and scientific skills to understand the significance of data, and the experience to find insights and build and communicate a coherent narrative from the data. Services include:

  • Information Management
  • Research Services
  • Public Outreach
  • Decision Consequence Analysis
  • Statistics and Geostatistics
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • 3D Modeling

How We Can Help

NewFields is known for customizing solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by our clients. We know that most projects don’t fit neatly in a box. Below are some of the most common information services we provide.

  • Information Management
    • Design and provide oversight for the collection of appropriate and defensible analytical data
    • Report development and expert testimony
    • Relational database design
  • Research Services
    • Assess performance record and compile case studies for potential remedial technologies
    • Evaluate the claims of opposing experts
    • Search historical records to identify alternative sources or other responsible parties
    • Conduct literature searches
  • Public Outreach
    Use NewFields’ information management tools to develop external communication programs and address stakeholder concerns
  • Decision Consequence Analysis
    Provide methods, tools, and procedures to help decision-makers and other stakeholders manage complex projects, achieve multiple objectives, reduce costs and uncertainties, prioritize activities, and make better decisions
  • Statistics/Geostatistics
    • Apply data analytics to determine trends and patterns in both time and space for large and diversified datasets
    • Provide quantitative basis of estimation and hypothesis testing for confident decision making with a solid scientific foundation
    • Develop advanced modeling for prediction of contamination propagation and injury
  • GIS/3D Modeling
    Present large datasets in a visual format easily understood by the target audience

Case Study


A client is sued for contamination resulting from past operations at a site.


Our first step is to compile all the client’s data/reports/documents related to the issue and catalog them in Intradox, our custom online document management system. We will conduct literature searches and other research (such as filing Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] requests) to identify the universe of relevant and useful documents/data, including those the client may not have been aware existed.

The next step is organizing the data into a database for spatial analysis within a GIS application. Subsequent steps may include statistics/geostatistical analysis of the data or development of a custom web application to manage data/documents and allow clients and stakeholders (if appropriate) to access the information. The final step is communicating the information to the client and stakeholders using appropriate visualization tools that will help the viewer understand the findings.

The NewFields Difference

We take a customized and creative approach to every project using a wide variety of tools to help meet the needs of our clients.

Our extensive experience in finding, managing and presenting all aspects of information relevant to a case, from historical maps to relational databases, help us identify key information and put it at our clients’ fingertips. This approach to information management distills what can seem like an overwhelming amount of data, documents, and technical analyses into a clear, easy-to-understand narrative.

Let us help you with your next project and experience the NewFields difference!