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The process engineering group specializes in the treatment of industrial wastewater. Industrial wastewater is highly variable in chemical composition and is often not suitable for discharge to local receiving waters or the sanitary sewer without significant pretreatment. Recently, our engineers have been researching the treatment of dairy processing wastewaters which contain whey, a by-product of cheese manufacturing.  This wastewater typically has a COD of 40,000 – 60,000 mg/L which presents unique demands on treatment facility design compared to a typical municipal wastewater COD of 500 mg/L.  Over the past several years, Dr. Matthew Frigon has researched utilizing yeast instead of bacteria for the treatment of high strength (high COD/BOD) and high salinity wastewater. An advantage of yeast is that soluble organic products can be transformed into yeast biomass (single cell protein/SCP) that has excellent nutritional characteristics, especially with regard to amino acid content. This biomass can then be mixed with an energy source (a carbohydrate such as corn or starches) and fed to livestock as opposed to landfill disposal. Using a particular strain of yeast that can consume lactose, Dr. Frigon was able to operate a bench scale system that reduced the COD of a formulated acid whey wastewater by >90% and produced a biomass that met or exceeded FAO guidelines for animal feed in all but one essential amino acid. Due to the ability of yeast to withstand high osmotic pressures and high organic loading, the reactor was ~80x smaller than a typical aerated bacterial system and 2x smaller than a typical anaerobic system. Further, oxygen consumption in the system was significantly reduced in comparison to aerobic bacterial system thereby substantially reducing operational costs.

Based on this innovative research, yeast-based treatment systems are ideal for treatment of wastewater from cheese, yogurt, sport supplement, and associated dairy wastes.

NewFields personnel in Dallas, led by Gary Barnum, are providing environmental services for remediation activities at a 14-acre former aircraft engine refurbishing facility that operated for over 60 years.  NewFields services include Phase I ESA, site delineation of soil and groundwater, design of appropriate response action, regulatory interaction with the TCEQ, oversight of response action to ensure project objectives are met, and preparation of a response action completion report to obtain residential closure for the site.

Did you know that NewFields is a North Carolina Registered Environmental Consultant (REC)? The REC program allows owners of sites with low levels of contamination to implement voluntary remedial actions under the guidance and oversight of a Registered Site Manager (RSM). Work performed for sites in the REC program is independent from NC DEQ oversight and approval, which often allows sites to obtain a No Further Action determination quicker than if the site was under agency oversight while still ensuring cleanups are protective of human health and the environment. For more information on the REC program, please contact Mike Fiori ([email protected]) or Nick DiLuzio ([email protected]).

NewFields Companies recognizes employees who are rising stars and/or provide excellent service to our clients. Please join us in CONGRATULATING the following 2017 Client Service and Rising Star Award winners:

Ananda Van Leeuven – Brazil
Ananda has delivered outstanding work on a very complex project in Brazil. Her hard work continues to be recognized by the client. Those that have had a chance to work with Ananda truly admire her professionalism and dedication to our clients and NewFields.

Jon Pederson – Missoula, MT
Jon has gone above and beyond this year serving one of NewFields largest clients. Jon is working as a technical lead and co-project manager with K. Bill Clark and has seen his role expand significantly as this project has grown. Our clients have recognized Jon as someone who can build a team of professionals and conduct civil and geotechnical engineering projects ranging from designing a water supply dam to specifying road and rail foundations to overseeing static pile load tests.

Dan Maurais – Lone Tree, CO
Since July 2015 Dan has been supporting a NewFields project in Suriname. By the time he has finished in April 2018 Dan will have spent 25 of the previous 33 months assigned to the field in Suriname overseeing construction of a completely new mine site in tropical rainforest conditions. He works closely with our client’s senior staff and ensures that all activities are completed as scheduled.