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NewFields is an environmental, engineering and construction management consulting firm. We provide access to a global network of recognized experts and professionals who work together to resolve our clients’ complex business needs.

NewFields Office in Mexico

In 2017, NewFields opened an office in Hermosillo to service our clients in Mexico and Central America. Hermosillo is located in the northern state of Sonora, approximately 250 miles (400 km) south of Tucson, Arizona. NewFields is currently able to provide the following services through this office:

  • Mine Engineering Design (Tailing Storage Facilities, Waste Rock Disposal, Leach Pads, Closure/Capping, Haul Roads and other Infrastructure)
  • Construction Management and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) staff with bilingual fluency in both Spanish and English.
  • Water Resources and Water Supply Development
  • Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling
  • Hydrology and Surface Water Modeling
  • Mine Reclamation and Closure Planning

Our current client list in Mexico includes; Cobre del Mayo, Coeur Mining, Goldcorp, Pan American Silver, Torex Gold Resources, Bonafont, Grupo SHB, and the University of Sonora. In the near future, we will be expanding our staff and services in Mexico to cover the entire realm of services NewFields provides. For information on NewFields Mexico operations please contact Carl J. Burkhalter, P.E., [email protected] or 303-880-6910.

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NewFields’ Employee, Nance Card, Recognized by
the Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada

Nance Card, of NewFields’ Mining, Design & Construction Management team, is being honored by the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada as an outstanding woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.) She will be receiving the Girl Scout TRIUMPHANT: Celebrating Women in Leadership Award on November 16, 2017. NewFields congratulates Nance on this prestigious recognition!

NewFields LSRP Program Continues to Develop Technical Guidance

David Puchalski with NewFields’ New Jersey office was selected as the New Jersey Licensed Site Remedial Professional (LSRP) association representative for the Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon (EPH) technical subcommittee. The LSRP program allows an experienced environmental consultant to become licensed with the NJDEP and directly manage all aspects of an environmental project. The NJDEP provides technical guidance, scheduling oversight and auditing for individual cases. Other responsibilities are assumed by the LSRP including remedial investigation decisions, remedial actions, public involvement, protection of human health and case closure.

The EPH subcommittee is amending the 2010 guidance document that established an EPH concentration in soil that indicates the potential for non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) to exist in unsaturated soils. The current guidance provides only two indicator concentrations; 8,000 mg/kg for No. 2 fuel oil/ diesel fuel or 17,000 mg/kg for all other refined petroleum oils. While investigating various oil terminals, NewFields has identified multiple projects where the single concentration NAPL-indication is too conservative and too restrictive.

The amended guidance will provide a process for an LSRP to develop a site specific NAPL-indicator concentration. The LSRP will evaluate the physical characteristics of the released oil and the grain size characteristics of the unsaturated soil to calculate a site specific concentration. With the help of Jacob Oehrig (NewFields Atlanta), David is developing an Excel calculator that will be provided by the NJDEP to the regulated community.