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NewFields Scientist Honored for Breakthrough Research

NewFields’ Sediment Management and Marine Sciences (SMMS) group has recently conducted breakthrough scientific analyses in pore size distribution associated with insitu deposited Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) impacted sediments. Staff Scientist Jessica Robertson (pictured above) used scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imagery of NAPL-impacted sediment to measure the size of pore openings within the sediment. Ms. Robertson conducted over 500 random measurements of pore openings, many being less than 1 micron in size. Initial analyses from several sites document that the oil-phase within insitu deposited NAPL-impacted sediments is not readily mobile and are being held by the inherent capillary forces of the sediment. Because pore size, capillary force, and oil bead size are related to the depositional process, the work being conducted by SMMS is critical to many aspects of the petroleum industry. Dr. Jeffrey Johnson is working with ExxonMobil personnel in this research. Publications citing these breakthrough studies are anticipated later this year. Follow us on LinkedIn for more NewFields news.

Did you hear? NewFields is growing!

Sims & Associates joined NewFields effective January 1, 2017. Sims & Associates has extensive experience in the environmental, geological, archaeological, biological sciences and regulatory compliance and permitting fields. We are excited to welcome the consultants and field experts from Sims & Associates into the NewFields family.

Well Done!

NewFields is proud to acknowledge exemplary employees for outstanding work. Dr. Gary Krieger recently had the privilege of presenting the Client Service Award to Matt Haley (MDTS) for his work on the Merian project, and Alyssa Wagner (MDTS) was presented the NewFields Rising Star award for her outstanding supervision of the Cripple Creek and Victor field services.

AIR & ACOUSTICS SERVICES: NewFields provides support to our clients through the permitting process by completing applications, negotiating terms to minimize requirements, and assisting clients in navigating through the process of regulatory and public review.

Our extensive experience in developing relationships with various federal and state regulatory agencies eases the permitting process for our clients. In addition, NewFields has experience in the development of community outreach programs to garner local acceptance of the project. NewFields has prepared a variety of air quality permits ranging from minor sources to Title V facilities. Our team of professionals has evaluated projects to determine if they qualify for state specific programs, such as de minimis exemptions or general permits.