Environmental Engineering

Alfio Mianzan
Engineering Geologist
Email: amianzan@newfields.com
Phone Number: +44 7493 319606
Bill Walker, Ph.D
Email: bwalker@newfields.com
Phone Number: Office 206-402-6294/ Cell 425-785-1550
Brian Wellington, Ph.D.
Civil Engineer
Email: bwellington@newfields.com
Phone Number: (404) 347-9050 Ext. 987
Bruno Furtado
Owners of NewFields Brazil
Email: bfurtado@newfields.com
Phone Number: +55 (51) 30664870
Cam Stringer
Principal Hydrogeologist
Email: cstringer@newfields.com
Phone Number: (406) 549-8270
Chris Cerquone
Principal Environmental Scientist
Email: ccerquone@newfields.com
Phone Number: (406) 549-8270
David Hinrichs
Hydrogeologist – Geologist
Email: dhinrichs@newfields.com
Phone Number: (303) 294-9298
David Knorr M.S.
Staff Scientist
Email: dknorr@newfields.com
Phone Number: 678-925-7411
David Puchalski
Chemical Engineer
Email: dpuchalski@newfields.com
Phone Number: (732) 224-7066 Ext. 12
Diogo Gaspar, Ph.D.
Geologist – United Kingdom
Email: dgaspar@newfields.com
Phone Number: +44 (0) 113 357 0290
Fred Hinton
CAD Designer
Email: fhinton@newfields.com
Phone Number: 404-347-9050 ext. 262
Gary Barnum
Project Scientist
Email: gbarnum@newfields.com
Phone Number: (972) 956-9100
James (Jim) Kendrick
Environmental Engineer
Email: jkendrick@newfields.com
Phone Number: (972) 956-9100
Jeffrey Johnson, Ph.D.
Email: jjohnson@newfields.com
Phone Number: (713) 357-5244
John Roe
Email: jroe@newfields.com
Phone Number: (732) 224-7066
K. Bill  Clark
Principal Hydrogeologist
Email: kbclark@newfields.com
Phone Number: (406) 549-8270
Kerri Sitler
Hydrogeology and Risk Assessment
Email: ksitler@newfields.com
Phone Number: (303) 912-9060
Leyla Shams Ph.D
Environmental Data Analyst
Email: lshams@newfields.com
Phone Number: Office 404-347-9050 / Cell 404-932-9219
Matthew “Matt” Wright
Civil Engineer
Email: mwright@newfields.com
Phone Number: 406-549-8270
Mercedes Jackson
Staff Engineer
Email: mjackson@newfields.com
Phone Number: 206-290-0805
Michael “Ollie” Aberle-Grasse
Email: maberlegrasse@newfields.com
Phone Number: 404-661-8714
Michael Wild
Environmental/Civil Engineer
Email: mwild@newfields.com
Phone Number: (404) 347-9050 Ext. 989
Negin Kananizadah Ph.D
Project Environmental Engineer
Email: nkananizadeh@newfields.com
Phone Number: 4026138973
Patrick Gobb
CEO, Civil Engineer
Email: pgobb@newfields.com
Phone Number: (972) 956-9100
Randall Grachek
Civil Engineer
Email: rgrachek@newfields.com
Phone Number: (404) 347-9050 Ext. 955
Richard “Rick” Klenke
Project Manager
Email: rklenke@newfields.com
Phone Number: (817) 908-7475
Richard Williams
Geologist – United Kingdom
Email: rwilliams@newfields.com
Robert “Bob” Meehan
Civil Engineer
Email: rmeehan@newfields.com
Phone Number: (732) 224-7066
Rosco Peters
Environmental Scientist
Email: rpeters@newfields.com
Phone Number: 770-695-1255
Shahrokh Rouhani, Ph.D.
Civil Engineer and Statistician
Email: srouhani@newfields.com
Phone Number: (404) 969-0995
Tiago Moura
Owners of NewFields Brazil
Email: tmoura@newfields.com
Phone Number: +55 (51) 30664870
Valentina Ziri
Environmental Scientist
Email: Iziri@newfields.com
Phone Number: 336-339-9049
William “Billy” Hall
Chairman of the Board, Civil Engineer
Email: whall@newfields.com
Phone Number: (404) 347-9050 Ext. 949
William Odle
Civil Engineer
Email: wodle@newfields.com
Phone Number: (404) 931-5619