Paul Kaplan
Paul Kaplan
Principal Engineer
Phone Number
(775) 525-2575

Mr. Kaplan is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in civil and geotechnical engineering for a wide variety of projects.  He has extensive experience related to earthfill and rockfill, dams and embankments, reservoirs, leach pads, tailings dams and mine waste management, engineering design, construction oversightand the use of geosynthetics for reinforcement, separation and environmental control.  Other relevant project experience includes foundation investigation and design recommendations for structures of all types including heavyindustrial and infrastructure projects. Geotechnical studies for linear projects have included bridges, railroads, airfields, roadways, pipelines, transmission lines, and conveyor systems. Mr. Kaplan's experience encompasses projects in North, Central and South America, Russia, Indonesia, Africa and other international locations. He has served as project principal, project manager, or design engineer on over 250 projects that have included geosynthetic and asphaltic concrete liner system design and construction.  Design and construction quality assurance experience includes in excess of 250 million square feet of geomembrane-lined surface area and approximately 2 million square feet of asphaltic concrete lined leach pads. He received both his M.S. and B.S. in civil engineering.