Steve Emsbo-Mattingly
Environmental Chemist
Phone Number
(781) 681-5040 Ext.103

Mr. Emsbo-Mattingly specializes in the diagnostic measurement of petroleum, tar, wood preservatives, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and industrial products in multiple matrices. He offers extensive experience in oil spills, manufactured gas plants, chemical plants, wood treating facilities, tar refineries, petroleum storage facilities, chlorinated solvent industries, chemical manufacturing facilities, and urban background. During his 29 years in the environmental industry, Mr. Emsbo-Mattingly helped pioneer forensic methods for the identification and delineation of oil spills, tar releases, solvent plumes, PCB impacts, and vapor intrusion. These projects often include detailed environmental laboratory data reviews, quality assessments, statistical analyses, and advanced graphics. He published more than100 articles, guidance documents, and text book chapters. He serves as reviewer for multiple journals and textbooks. Mr. Emsbo-Mattingly earned his B.A. in biology and M.S. in environmental science.