Leon Delwiche

Leon Delwiche
Leon Delwiche
GIS/Database Analyst
Phone Number
(425) 967-5285 Ext. 105

Mr. Delwiche is a Marine Scientist and GIS Analyst in Edmonds, Washington. He has a graduate and professional background with over 15 years of experience in marine science including oceanographic data collection, remote sensing and image interpretation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis for marine science. His expertise includes the deployment and operation of a wide variety of technical equipment, including water quality monitoring instruments, water column sampling equipment, and sediment coring devices. He has had extensive experience collecting marine water and sediment samples, and performing laboratory analyses of these samples for multiple parameters.

As a GIS Analyst Mr. Delwiche’s primary responsibilities with NewFields include GIS data management, cartography, spatial analysis, scientific writing, data analysis and field support for various biological and physical sampling operations. He has contributed to the design of research projects, and the preparation of project reports.

Prior to working for NewFields Leon worked as an Marine Scientist and GIS technician in the Marine and Environmental Sciences Division of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in Bothell, Washington. His other experience includes technical and teaching support as a graduate student for oceanographic research with the University of Washington. As a teaching assistant he provided support to students interested in GIS and ocean research. He also provided support for research conducting chemical, physical and biological surveys of Clayoquot Sound and Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Additionally, he spent 4 years stationed overseas in Japan serving as a Radio Communications Specialist for the United States Navy. He holds a M.S degree in Oceanography.