Brownfields Development


NewFields has the experience and expertise to cost effectively characterize your site and return the site to a safe and beneficial use.

Our experts understand human health risks, ecological risks, engineering controls, institutional protections and practical remedial actions.

We specialize in the efficient characterization of abandoned, distressed or under-used properties including the design of remedial actions to achieve maximum protection of future occupants with reasonable remedial actions.  Our engineers commonly join a development team and guide the placement of permanent features such as road, sidewalks and utility corridors to minimize soil disposal costs while maximizing future human health exposures.  Vapor intrusion, groundwater intrusion, preferred groundwater pathways and clean utility corridors are commonplace beneficial reuse instruments.   Services include:

  • Onsite beneficial soil reuse plans
  • Accurate waste characterization and optimized waste management plans
  • Historical fill characterization and forensic analysis
  • Public Outreach and Communication tools
  • 3D Modeling and presentation of redevelopment concepts
  • Remedial operation specification, planning and oversight
  • Health and Safety oversight and support

Eric Litman
Environmental Scientist
Boston, MA
[email protected]

Jim Kendrick
Environmental Engineer
Dallas, TX
[email protected]

David Puchalski
Chemical Engineer
New Jersey
[email protected]

Download a pdf about our Environmental Engineering services.

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