With experience managing environmental investigation and remediation projects related to historic releases of pesticides and herbicides, NewFields has the experience and expertise to best assist you in managing environmental liabilities and meeting your business objectives.

Our agrochemical environmental projects over the past 25 years have focused on site assesments and investigations, remedial planning, remedial programming, optimization and reduction of remedial costs, and establishment of exit plans. NewFields has experience working within a broad range of regulatory structures, including both U.S. (Federal Superfund and State Remediation Programs) and international regulatory programs. In particular, NewFields has extensive agrochemical industry experience with the following activities:

  • Review of historic sources and releases of contaminants
  • Remedial assessments and investigations
  • Implementation of remedial programs (soil, soil vapor, groundwater, sediment, etc.)
  • Operation and optimization of remedial systems
  • Estimation and reduction of future environmental liabilities
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Site exit planning


Billy Hall, P.E.
Co-Founder / Sr. Engineer
Atlanta, GA
[email protected]

James (Jim) Kendrick
Environmental Engineer
Dallas, TX
[email protected]

David Puchalski
Chemical Engineer
New Jersey
[email protected]

NewFields has a proven track record of developing and implementing innovative and cost-effective solutions specific to our agrochemical clients’ needs.

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