Mr. Burkhalter is a registered civil engineer with over 29 years of professional experience, related to the mining and transportation industry. His experience related to mining projects is diverse and includes large gold, copper and silver facilities in North and South America. His experience includes a wide range of project types including zoned earth-fill dam and process solution containment facility designs. Carl has managed and been involved with all aspects of geotechnical investigations from the field implementation to the laboratory testwork. Part of his experience includes providing inspections, field engineering and supervision of staff of large construction projects. His cost efficient and innovative project management skills have proven successful on both small and large-scale projects. He has an M.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.S. in Mining Engineering.

Mr. Hinrichs has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field. As a project manager and lead consultant for NewFields, he represents several private sector mining companies involved in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) mine remedies and natural resource issues. His career milestones include designing and constructing a deep tunnel groundwater diversion that reduced the treatment demand at mining site near Vail, Colorado. Mr. Hinrichs received a B.S. in geology.

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Dr. Tooke is a senior geochemist with over 15 years of experience in technical and management roles in geochemistry and environmental chemistry. His recent work is focused on remedial investigations (CERCLA), geochemical characterization studies (NEPA), environmental data management, and transport and fate investigations. Throughout the past 6 years, Dr. Tooke has developed and conducted several waste rock and tailings characterization studies, pit lake models, and remediation studies. Other experience includes environmental chemistry applications for industrial operations, permitting, and technical support for environmental laboratories. In addition to environmental consulting, he has helped acquire business development funding for clients. Prior to NewFields, he worked in the oleochemical industry where he managed environmental permitting and compliance, product development, QA/QC, and capital projects. Dr. Tooke also worked as an environmental research chemist for the pulp and paper industry. Throughout his research, he created several software applications for modeling, managing and reporting environmental data.

Dr. Tooke holds the following degrees: BA in Chemistry, MS in Analytical/Environmental Chemistry, and a PhD. in Geochemistry.

Joseph Namlick has more than 18 years of experience related to the mining industry and 23 years with construction industries working for engineering consulting firms, land development and Contractors. Mr. Namlick has worked domestically and internationally on various design and construction projects for major mining companies.. His diverse background and experience includes mining and non-mining facility studies, projects and construction in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Nevada, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, South Dakota, Colorado, Florida and Texas. Additional experience includes mine closures, environmental studies and remediation, hydrogeology, water resources, civil works, construction trades and contracting business ownership providing a well-rounded background for capital projects from planning to construction and closure.

Mr. Namlick holds a M.S degree in Hydrogeology/Geology and a B.S. degree in Geology.

Mr. Williams is a professional engineer with more than 21 years of experience, primarily related to mining industry and large civil engineering projects.  He has a basic knowledge of Russian language and has worked in Uzbekistan (multiple assignments from 1993 to 2006), Kazakhstan (1995), and in Russia (Kupol Project 2011). His experi¬ence related to mining projects is diverse and extensive and includes several world class tailing storage and heap leach facilities.  Mr. Williams’s hands-on approach to his projects has given him excellent insight into virtually all facets of tailing storage facilities from inception through closure. He has worked on over 40 heap leach projects totaling more than 200M ft2 (17M m2), and more than 20 tailing storage facilities (TSFs) totaling more than 4B tons of storage Mr. Williams’s B.S. is in civil engineering.

Mr. Engelmeier has over 27 years of experience as a quality assurance/quality control technician and engineering design inspector. He is skilled in construction supervision and has managed an ASSHTO accredited materials laboratory for the past 15 years in Elko, Nevada. Kevin has provided construction materials testing and oversight for a variety of mining projects, roads, highways, airports, and infrastructure projects. His has performed laboratory and field testing on soils, aggregate, Portland cement concrete, asphaltic concrete, concrete block, brick, and masonry mortar. Kevin’s experience also includes the design and preparation of laboratory mix designs for Portland cement concrete, asphaltic concrete, and masonry mortar. Kevin has experience working on international projects in Peru and Uzbekistan.

Mr. Jennings is a professional engineer with more than 11 years of structural, civil and hydraulic design experience for the mining industry and other large civil engineering projects, both domestically and internationally. Kevin has excellent experience related to hydraulic design and construction of pumping and piping systems. His experience includes the design of water supply and process solution conveyance at several mine sites in Nevada. These projects ranged from conceptual and feasibility level designs to final/detail designs which were constructed and put into operation. Mr. Jennings hold a B.S degree in Civil Engineering.

Mr. Lutes is a registered civil engineer with extensive professional experience, primarily related to the mining industry. Kevin’s mining project experience is diverse, and is comprised of many multidiscipline projects at large gold and copper facilities in Nevada, and internationally. His experience encompasses a wide range of project types including surface water management structures, heap leach facilities, zoned embankment dams, and large process solution containment facilities. Kevin has managed and performed a multitude of geotechnical investigations, including field programs, laboratory test programs, and construction verification. Kevin’s experience covers preparing design documents, permitting documents, and construction tender packages. He has managed many projects ranging from large, multi-year engineering and construction projects, to small quick-turn projects. Kevin is a hands-on project manager with practical experience that adds value to all aspects and phases of projects. Mr. Lutes holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Leon C. Botham is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer with over 25 years of experience specializing in the field of Mine Waste Management and the design and construction of other mine infrastructure. Leon has worked across Canada and globally. In addition, he has extensive management experience and is a proven team builder that has directed multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, scientists and social scientists to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Leon is a registered professional engineer in Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories & Nunavut. He has previously been elected Chairman of the Board of the Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan and Chairman of the Board of the Association of Canadian Engineering Companies. He is a Past-President of the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pinehouse Business North, which is the economic development agency for the Northern Village of Pinehouse in Saskatchewan. He possesses a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering.

Mr. Kingston has 26 years of consulting experience in hydrogeologic characterization, groundwater modeling, mine pit dewatering, mine closure, water supply, wellfield management and development, environmental impact assessments, water resource baseline studies, legal support, environmental investigation and remediation, groundwater monitoring, and water quality interpretation.  He has extensive involvement in environmental and groundwater projects in the U.S., England, Mali, South Africa, Botswana, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.  He has intermediate Spanish capabilities.  Mr. Kinston hold Masters Degrees in Geology and Hydrology.

Mrs. Paré has 13 years of experience in the mining field ranging from open pit and underground mine operations, geological modeling, short and long range production planning, conceptual engineering mine design, geotechnical engineering, and environmental permitting. Her experience includes development of 3D geological block modeling, project management of exploration drilling programs, implementation of geotechnical programs, preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Management Plans (EMP), Scoping Reports, monitoring program design, mine closure and reclamation planning, plan of operations (POO), conceptual mine plan, mitigation designs, environmental compliance, mining operating plans, and development of environmental permitting strategies. Mrs. Paré has been assisting clients in compiling permit application and compliance documents for various mining operations in the United States and internationally. Mrs. Paré is fully fluent in French. She holds a B.S. degree in Geological Engineering.

Mr. Haley is a registered civil engineer in Nevada, Utah and Colorado with more than 13 years of professional experience, primarily related to the mining industry.  He has worked domestically in the U.S. and internationally in Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Thailand, Australia, Canada and Peru.  His experience includes engineering design, cost estimating, construction management and QA/QC field and laboratory testing of soils, concrete and geosynthetics.  His cost efficient and innovative project management skills have proven successful on both small and large-scale projects.  Mr. Haley holds a  B.S degree in  Civil Engineering, a B.A. in Russian Studies, and a M.B.A. in Finance.

Mr. Grotbo is a Principal Geologist and Senior Project Manager with over 30 years of experience in natural resource characterization, permitting, EIS & ESIA preparation, and international services related to mining and energy development. He has served as Senior Project Manager and Principal Investigator in conjunction with a host of greenfields mine and energy-related development projects as well as for brownfields remediation of mine wastes and petroleum hydrocarbons and other organic compounds. Such projects have included completion of a variety of multidisciplinary baseline investigations, feasibility studies, stakeholder engagements, ecological and human health risk assessments, environmental, social, and human health impact analyses, monitoring system design and implementation, mitigation design, and construction management. Project locations associated with these services have been in Indonesia, Peru, several countries in West Africa, and throughout North America. He holds a B.S. from Montana State University.

Ms. Card is a professional engineer with more than 23 years of experience in civil and geotechnical engineering for a wide variety of projects with an emphasis toward mining and large civil engineering projects. Nance has extensive experience with facility design, preparation of construction drawings, project management, construction quality assurance (CQA) oversight, technical review of construction bids and liaison with State and Federal regulatory agencies. She has also assisted in the preparation of environmental assessments, stormwater pollution prevention plans and reclamation plans for mining projects. She has served as project manager, design engineer or engineer of record on over 100 projects that have included geosynthetic and asphaltic concrete liner system design and construction. Design, permitting and construction quality assurance oversight experience includes in excess of 193 million square feet of geomembrane lined surface area and approximately 2 million square feet of asphaltic concrete lined leach pad facilities. Ms. Card earned a B.S. degree in Geological Engineering.

Nick is a registered civil engineer with more than 10 years of geotechnical design experience for the commercial, industrial, solid waste, and mining industries, both domestically and internationally. Nick is familiar with all aspects of geotechnical design for large civil engineering projects. His experience includes development of field investigations; geophysical investigational methods; laboratory test methods; design of foundations; design of soil retention structures; soil reinforcement; instrumentation design and monitoring; among other skills. He is a specialist in field investigations and material characterization, designing with geosynthetics, soil dynamics; and geotechnical earthquake engineering including liquefaction and lateral spread assessments, site response analysis, and hazard assessments. Mr. Rocco holds a Ph.D. and M.S degree in Geotechnical Engineering and a B.S degree in Civil Engineering.

Mr. Kaplan is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in civil and geotechnical engineering for a wide variety of projects.  He has extensive experience related to earthfill and rockfill, dams and embankments, reservoirs, leach pads, tailings dams and mine waste management, engineering design, construction oversightand the use of geosynthetics for reinforcement, separation and environmental control.  Other relevant project experience includes foundation investigation and design recommendations for structures of all types including heavyindustrial and infrastructure projects. Geotechnical studies for linear projects have included bridges, railroads, airfields, roadways, pipelines, transmission lines, and conveyor systems. Mr. Kaplan’s experience encompasses projects in North, Central and South America, Russia, Indonesia, Africa and other international locations. He has served as project principal, project manager, or design engineer on over 250 projects that have included geosynthetic and asphaltic concrete liner system design and construction.  Design and construction quality assurance experience includes in excess of 250 million square feet of geomembrane-lined surface area and approximately 2 million square feet of asphaltic concrete lined leach pads. He received both his M.S. and B.S. in civil engineering.

Mr. Baker has over 18 years of experience, all except one has been associated with civil and geotechnical design of mine infrastructure or construction inspection.  The majority of his projects have been associated with gold and silver mines although he has also worked on uranium, phosphate, copper, and molybdenum projects.  He has been the Engineer of Record for dams in Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Mexico and Bolivia.  Recent project experience includes being the Project Manager for mine geotechnical infrastructure feasibility design of a proposed mine in Alaska.  This project included two large dams, one over 400 feet tall with the other having a water storage capacity over 10,000 acre-feet. Mr. Baker’s B.S. is in Civil Engineering.

Mr. Grotbo has 32 years of experience in his field. His practice area includes design of environmental baseline studies; assistance in compilation of permit applications for hard rock mines, management of Environmental Impact Statements under the National Environmental Policy Act and state environmental policy acts,  management of international environmental permitting actions for mine developments, and assist in design of reclamation and closure of mine sites. He is active in Montana Mining Association (Co-Chair – Environmental Committee) and Northwest Mining Association. Mr. Grotbo received his BS in earth Sciences – geology with a minor in soil science in 1977.

Senior Project and Construction Manager with over 35 years of project and construction management assignments, with hands-on experience in the project management and planning, construction site management, commissioning management and start-up of sophisticated industrial installations for mining, minerals, and metals processing, government projects, oil field development, LNG facilities, chemicals industries, including experience in North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Africa. His responsibilities have included all aspects of project and construction management ranging from Director of Feasibility Study to Project commissioning and start-up manager for projects across a wide spectrum of total installed cost from small CapX projects to multi-billion dollar mining and oil field development projects.

Mr. Tangen is a project manager and environmental engineer with over 29 years of experience working in the environmental consulting, oil and gas, and mining industries. He has a wide base of technical project experience, including development of waste management activities in difficult environments; design reviews, construction oversight, and operations at mining projects; hydrocarbon remediation projects; production of environmental reports; and performance of due diligence assessments for oil and gas, and mining clients. He has served as Health and Safety Officer or HS&E Liaison in operating scenarios ranging from oil and gas field operations and remediation to surface hard rock mines. He has managed operations and maintenance staff at several mining operations, coordinated interdepartmental activities, prepared and administered budgets for large, complex remediation and operations projects, and administered production, construction, and environmental consulting contracts. He has extensive project management, contract administration, and regulatory process experience in the environmental, oil and gas, and hard rock mining industries. Mr. Tangen holds  B.S. in Environmental Engineering.