Mr. Stringer is a NewFields Principal Hydrogeologist with 25 years of experience as a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeler. He has consulted on a variety of groundwater-related projects, including: aquifer characterization; aquifer testing; water rights; remedial investigations; landfill permitting; mine permitting and remediation; corrective measure implementation; CERCLA (Superfund); NEPA analysis; remedial investigation; and municipal water supply exploration, installation, and permitting projects. Mr. Stringer also has substantial litigation experience from having served as an expert witness for a variety of contested cases relating to water rights and groundwater contamination.

Mr. Stringer holds an M.S. Geology/Hydrogeology and a B.A. in Biology and Secondary Education.

Mr. Hinrichs has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field. As a project manager and lead consultant for NewFields, he represents several private sector mining companies involved in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) mine remedies and natural resource issues. His career milestones include designing and constructing a deep tunnel groundwater diversion that reduced the treatment demand at mining site near Vail, Colorado. Mr. Hinrichs received a B.S. in geology.

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Mr. Rugh is a Senior Hydrogeologist with 15 years of experience on a wide variety of environmental, mining, geotechnical, infrastructure, water supply, and solid waste projects throughout the contiguous United States, Alaska, and Central America. He has strong hydrogeology skills including aquifer characterization, development of conceptual site models, remedial alternative evaluation, site investigations, and hydraulic testing. Mr. Rugh has a practical approach to project management, data management, data collection, data interpretation, and reporting. His experience with high profile public, private, and tribal projects provides a balanced perspective which has resulted in improved stakeholder and regulatory engagement. He has an M.S. in Hydrogeology and a B.S. in Geology, and is a Licensed Geologist/Hydrogeologist in Washington State.

Mr. Rogness is a Principal Hydrologist/Hydrogeologist with 30 years of experience in surface water and groundwater resource assessment associated with industrial projects, including hard-rock and coal mines, coal- bed methane production fields, manufacturing plants, oil & gas production facilities, refineries, petroleum storage facilities and transmission pipelines, wood-treating sites, geothermal facilities, and restoration sites. Doug’s experience includes design and implementation of baseline studies to characterize groundwater and surface water in a variety of environmental settings in the U.S. and Ghana. He is particularly adept at evaluating water quality data, completing data validation, developing conceptual hydrologic models, conducting water balance assessments, and completing environmental impact studies. Doug also has experience in: completing watershed studies; preparing discharge and storm water permits; conducting TMDL studies; preparing water right applications; completing wetland and stream studies and mitigation plans; evaluating industrial health conditions; and providing expert witness testimony.

Mr. Rogness holds an M.S. in Hydrology/Groundwater and a B.S. in Earth Sciences/Geology and Soil.

Mr. Ruzicka is a registered civil engineer with nearly 20 years of experience in geotechnical design of transportation and mining related projects. His experience with transportation projects is diverse and includes design and oversight of some of the largest transportation projects in Nevada. His geotechnical engineering experience has involved field investigations consisting of geologic mapping of soil and rock cut slopes, forensic studies, geotechnical borings, rock coring, aerial photograph review, and geophysical surveys. Geotechnical design experience includes performing detailed and complex geotechnical engineering analyses and providing recommendations for shallow and deep foundations, shaft foundations, retaining structures, roadway design, soil and rock slope stability, soil nail/rock anchor designs, liquefaction analyses, general earthwork and grading projects, levees and floodwalls, heap leach pads, and pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction. Jesse is also experienced with developing project plans and specifications, participating in technical review of engineering design submittals, and conflict resolution meetings. Jesse obtained his B.S. degree in Geological Engineering and is licensed as a civil engineer.  

Mr. Jacobson is a project hydrogeologist with five years of consulting experience working on a variety of environmental projects involving mining, oil and gas, industrial, and municipal clients.

He has been involved in completing a variety of tasks for multiple groundwater related projects, such as design and construction of groundwater flow and fate and transport models, geographic information systems (GIS), site conceptual modeling, evaluation of field generated data including water quality/quantity and aquifer characteristics, statistical and geostatistical analysis of environmental data, field work including groundwater/surface water sampling and aquifer testing, and preparing technical documentation and presenting completed work.

Mr. Jacobson has a strong background in numerical groundwater modeling. He has used modeling to assess solute transport times, aid in capture zone and monitoring well location analysis, and as a predictive tool for groundwater contamination and remedial design evaluation.

Mr. Jacobson is also part of NewFields research and development group that focuses on new technology for the environmental industry. He is involved with various projects including data management systems, robotics including unmanned aerial and boat vehicles, web and mobile application development, statistics and geostatistics, and digital communication.

Mr. Jacobson holds the following degrees: M.B.A, M.S in Hydrogeology, and a B.S. in Geological Engineering.

Mr. Roe has over 30-years of experience in the hydrogeological and engineering geology field and has managed over his career the technical and regulatory aspects of a diverse portfolio of engineering and environmental projects. Mr. Roe has specific expertise in hydrogeologic investigation and characterization, groundwater modeling and solute fate and transport modeling, aquifer testing and analysis, water allocation development and permitting, large scale wastewater disposal systems and NPDES permitting. He has an M.S. in Engineering Geology, an M.S. in Environmental Science and a B.S. in Earth Science, and is a licensed professional geologist in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Texas.

Mr. Clark is a Principal Hydrogeologist with 27 years of consulting experience to industry, government, and private clients. His work has involved basin-scale groundwater studies, contaminant investigations, feasibility studies, soil and groundwater remediation, monitoring program design, environmental permitting and compliance, and environmental impact analyses. He has developed plans of study and managed multidisciplinary teams of scientists performing physical science and biological baseline studies for resource development projects. K. Bill’s assignments have included work at: natural gas exploration and production fields; proposed, active and abandoned hard-rock mines in the US and West Africa; municipal landfills; and petroleum storage and pipeline transmission facilities. He has a B.S. in Earth Sciences/Geology and an M.S. in Geology/Hydrogeology.

Mr. Kingston has 26 years of consulting experience in hydrogeologic characterization, groundwater modeling, mine pit dewatering, mine closure, water supply, wellfield management and development, environmental impact assessments, water resource baseline studies, legal support, environmental investigation and remediation, groundwater monitoring, and water quality interpretation.  He has extensive involvement in environmental and groundwater projects in the U.S., England, Mali, South Africa, Botswana, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.  He has intermediate Spanish capabilities.  Mr. Kinston hold Masters Degrees in Geology and Hydrology.

Mr. Fiori is a project manager and hydrogeologist with 30 years of experience working in the environmental consulting industry. He has been involved in projects in several roles, including: project planning, cost evaluation, soil and groundwater investigations, soil and groundwater remediation, environmental due diligence, and project management.

Mr. Fiori has worked on over 100 soil and groundwater assessment projects and over 300 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Project activities have included: field oversight of soil borings and installation of groundwater monitoring wells; collection of soil and groundwater samples; interpretation of soil and groundwater analytical data; collection and interpretation of aquifer data; preparation of assessment reports; and project management inclusive of proposal and cost estimation, and client and regulatory interfacing. He has performed Phase I ESAs for industrial sites, commercial properties, residential properties and undeveloped tracts of land.

He earned B.S and M.S. degrees in Geology.

Dr. Rouhani is a specialist in environmental statistics, geostatistics, and data analysis with skills that provide an excellent complement to the NewFields team. A noted authority in his field, Dr. Rouhani has authored numerous technical publications, including American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance, and US Navy guidance documents. As a hands-on manager, he has successfully directed a large number of projects involving complex data analysis efforts. Dr. Rouhani currently serves as an adjunct professor for the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. He also serves as an editorial board member for Environmental Forensics of the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences. Dr. Rouhani earned his B.S. in civil engineering and B.A. in Economics, and he has his M.S. and Ph.D. in environmental sciences.