NewFields’ team of experts are adept at developing creative strategies that provide for efficient and cost-effective solutions that achieve project objectives and compliance with various applicable regulations and client standards.

 NewFields engineering services and environmental and social services groups coordinate to ensure that existing conditions are accounted for in selection of facility location, design, operation, and closure. Existing environmental and social conditions combined with findings from traditional site characterization studies are used as input to design and mitigate potential impacts that can cause delays in the permitting process.

 Engineering & Construction Management 

  • Conceptual through detailed engineering design of mine infrastructure
  • Geotechnical engineering and design
  • Geotechnical and material testing laboratory services
  • Construction management
  • Facility decommissioning, reclamation & closure design
  • Hydrology / hydraulics and water balance
  • Prefeasibility studies, Trade-off studies, and Feasibility Studies
  • Due diligence and third-party reviews
  • Dewatering design

Environmental & Social Services

  • Environmental permitting and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) consultation
  • Baseline studies (environmental, biological, social and health studies)
  • Environmental, social, and human health impact analyses
  • Water resources evaluations
  • Environmental geochemistry and modeling
  • Environmental compliance and monitoring
  • Mine water treatment (active and passive)
  • Environmental engineering and environmental design criteria development
  • Mine reclamation and closure planning
  • Habitat and land management planning
  • Community outreach and stakeholder mapping


Keith Williams
Principal Engineer
[email protected]

Leon Botham
Geotechnical Engineer
[email protected]
(306) 230-8508

NewFields personnel are innovative and independent thinkers who offer skills that bridge multiple disciplines, all directed at developing creative solutions that transcend traditional approaches to problem-solving.

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