Nicholas (Nick) Rocco, Ph.D.
Nicholas (Nick) Rocco, Ph.D.
Civil Engineer
Phone Number
(720) 508-3300

Nick is a registered civil engineer with more than 10 years of geotechnical design experience for the commercial, industrial, solid waste, and mining industries, both domestically and internationally. Nick is familiar with all aspects of geotechnical design for large civil engineering projects. His experience includes development of field investigations; geophysical investigational methods; laboratory test methods; design of foundations; design of soil retention structures; soil reinforcement; instrumentation design and monitoring; among other skills. He is a specialist in field investigations and material characterization, designing with geosynthetics, soil dynamics; and geotechnical earthquake engineering including liquefaction and lateral spread assessments, site response analysis, and hazard assessments. Mr. Rocco holds a Ph.D. and M.S degree in Geotechnical Engineering and a B.S degree in Civil Engineering.