Alan Greenberg
Senior Air Quality Specialist
Phone Number
(248) 349-0194

Alan Greenberg has over 45 years experience as an environmental professional. He has worked as a regulator for local government, an environmental consultant, and at a large waste-to-energy plant.
His consulting experience includes directing large projects obtaining PSD and nonattainment permits for major industry at a large petroleum refinery, fossil fuel fired electric generating plants, integrated steel mills, automotive assembly manufacturers and and supplier plants. Mr. Greenberg has substantial experience working with large lawfirms and their industrial clients investigating allegations of environmental noncompliance, helping prepare responses to violation notices, and developing internal compliance protocols. He assisted in the negotiation of state and federal administrative and judicial orders, calculated penalty amounts using the federal civil penalty guidance, and writing technical reports and testifying in court when serving as expert witness and expert technical consultant. In many of his consulting projects he represented industrial clients by leading investigations into citizen and government allegations of nuisance odors and particulate matter fallout. Mr. Greenberg received his BS in Meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University.