Scott A. Stout, Ph.D.

Scott A. Stout, Ph.D.
Scott A. Stout, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
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Dr. Stout is an organic geochemist and leading practitioner in environmental forensics with more than 30 years of petroleum industry and consulting experience. His research on the chemical compositions of crude oil, refined fuels/products, natural gas, coal and its by-products (coal tar, creosote, ash) – as well as naturally-occurring and anthropogenic “background” (e.g., PAHs) – has provided a basis for scores of property management decisions, environmental liability allocations, and natural resource damage assessments (NRDA).  He has investigated the nature, extent, fate, source(s) and/or age(s) of contamination in soils, sediments, water and biota: (i) at/near active and legacy facilities [e.g., oil fields/platforms/refineries; gas processing plants; fuel terminals/pipelines; service stations; railyards; manufactured gas plants; wood treatment plants; and integrated steel mills], (ii) in industrial/urban waterways [e.g., Elizabeth River (VA); Anacostia River (DC); Calumet River (IN), Thea Foss and Hylebos Waterways and Puget Sound (WA)] and (iii) following maritime oil spills [e.g., Deepwater Horizon, Murphy Oil (Hurricane Katrina), Refugio Beach, Taylor Energy, and Montara Platform (Australia)].  

Dr. Stout has provided expert testimony in state, federal and foreign courts, authored or co-authored over 170 scientific papers and book chapters and co-edited three textbooks on the environmental forensic aspects of oil spills.


  • Ph.D., Geology, The Pennsylvania State University, 1988
  • M.S., Geology, The Pennsylvania State University, 1985
  • B.S., Oceanography, Florida Institute of Technology, 1982

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