Jacob H. Oehrig

Jacob H. Oehrig
Jacob H. Oehrig
Environmental Engineer
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Mr. Oehrig is an Environmental Engineer specializing in data processing and analysis of large datasets.  His skill set includes database design and management, geographic information systems (GIS) with geospatial and geostatistical data processing and analyses, statistical analyses and data visualization in R, project management, and performing sampling techniques across matrices including soil, sediments, surface water, and ground water. He has also been involved with large-scale environmental and statistical modeling and provided data analysis for support in multiple litigation cases. Mr. Oehrig excels managing and analyzing large datasets while extracting meaningful information and making difficult technical information understandable.

Mr. Oehrig has translated his past experience in designing and building communication satellites into the sector of remote data collection and telemetry system design. Mr. Oehrig has been involved with designing, building, and deploying systems for remotely monitoring environmental sensors which will automatically collect and aggregate data on central dashboards for users to utilize.  These systems have currently been deployed in multiple municipalities as well as large-scale aquaculture farming.

Mr. Oehrig earned a M.S degree in Environmental Science and a B.S. in Physics Engineering.