William Hafner

William Hafner
Environmental Chemist
Email: whafner@newfields.com
Phone Number: 425-967-5285

Dr. William Hafner is a project manager, quality assurance/quality control specialist, and statistician for NewFields sediment projects.  Dr. Hafner has worked on several projects for state and federal government clients, as well as private consulting.  His work with the Washington State Department of Ecology includes both field work and technical reporting.  He has managed the field collection of samples for the determination of regional background concentrations in three Puget Sound embayments, and recently completed a source identification analysis of dioxin/furan congeners using multivariate statistics. Dr. Hafner has also managed field sampling and data reporting tasks for dredged material characterizations for the U.S.. Army Corps of Engineers and the Port of San Francisco.  He holds a B..A. degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science.