Colin Sutherland

Colin Sutherland
Environmental Scientist
Phone Number: 828-777-0905

Colin Sutherland is a professional environmental scientist with over 5 years experience as a visualization specialist. Current and planned projects include: domestic and international mining site explanatory animations, closure simulations, interactive presentations, and visualizations for use in multiple litigation projects. Mr. Sutherland has been integral in creating illustrations and figures for multiple published scientific papers, developing animations and visualizations for use in public and stakeholder meetings and litigation, providing visual support for environmental emergency response missions, creating interactive web tools for public and private exploration of complex environmental datasets, and development of graphic strategies to explain intricate environmental stories faster and more clearly. Mr. Sutherland has worked on design and litigation projects domestically as well as internationally for a broad range of clients including but not limited to Samarco, Newmont, Monsanto, Eli Lilly, NOAA, OXY, Shell, BP, Freeport, and others.  Mr. Sutherland has a B.S. in Environmental Science.