Amelia Tallman
Phone Number
(406) 549-8270

Ms. Tallman professional experience includes over ten years of work in environmental consulting during which she has developed technical expertise in many areas of hydrogeology. Her technical expertise includes groundwater flow modeling, aquifer testing, surface water-groundwater interaction investigation, and three-dimensional geologic model development and visualization. Groundwater modeling has been used in porous media and fractured rock aquifers as an aid in dewatering designs, for assessing time and place of stream depletion, to determine capture zones, transport of solutes, and to assess infiltration rates. Groundwater modeling has supported water management, remedial design, dewatering programs, capture systems, risk assessments and impact assessments. She is adept in field hydrogeologic investigation and in analysis of hydrogeologic data. Well versed in a variety of hydraulic testing techniques including; long-term pumping tests, slug tests and tracer experiments with both natural and induced tracers. She has participated in multiple drilling projects, to define hydrostratigraphy employing both direct push and air rotary well drilling techniques. She has designed production wells to meet demand estimates and DEQ requirements. She has conducted and designed groundwater sampling regimes for several projects employing, EPA standards. She has an M.S. in Hydrogeology and a B.S. in Geology.