Joel Jacobson

Joel Jacobson
Joel Jacobson
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Mr. Jacobson is a project hydrogeologist with five years of consulting experience working on a variety of environmental projects involving mining, oil and gas, industrial, and municipal clients.

He has been involved in completing a variety of tasks for multiple groundwater related projects, such as design and construction of groundwater flow and fate and transport models, geographic information systems (GIS), site conceptual modeling, evaluation of field generated data including water quality/quantity and aquifer characteristics, statistical and geostatistical analysis of environmental data, field work including groundwater/surface water sampling and aquifer testing, and preparing technical documentation and presenting completed work.

Mr. Jacobson has a strong background in numerical groundwater modeling. He has used modeling to assess solute transport times, aid in capture zone and monitoring well location analysis, and as a predictive tool for groundwater contamination and remedial design evaluation.

Mr. Jacobson is also part of NewFields research and development group that focuses on new technology for the environmental industry. He is involved with various projects including data management systems, robotics including unmanned aerial and boat vehicles, web and mobile application development, statistics and geostatistics, and digital communication.

Mr. Jacobson holds the following degrees: M.B.A, M.S in Hydrogeology, and a B.S. in Geological Engineering.