Andrew  Butsavich
Environmental Scientist
Phone Number
(702) 813-8557

Provided support for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation including Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements (EA and EIS), Wetland/Waters of the U.S. Delineation and Reports, Clean Water Act 401 and 404 permit applications, Cultural Resources surveys and reports, and Biological Evaluations and Biological Assessments. He has assisted on projects such as the Searchlight Wind Energy Project EIS, Techren Boulder City Solar Project EA, Boulder Solar Project EA, and the Townsite Solar Project EA.

Additionally, Mr. Butsavich has surveyed thousands of acres in a variety of terrains across urban and remote portions of Nevada and California. In addition to performing general habitat surveys, specific wildlife surveys and cultural resource surveys, he is skilled at coordinating field staff, logistics, GIS, and the organization and management of data. Mr. Butsavich possess a B.A. in Environmental Studies.