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Sourcewater quality not suitable?
Need wastewater disposal permits?
Is stormwater runoff an issue?

We provide extensive hands-on operational experience and understand the demands of providing safe, reliable, and continuously operating treatment systems. With this understanding, we listen to your needs and concerns and develop solutions tailored to meet your goals, budget, and technical capability. Services include:

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Treatment
  • Stormwater Management and Treatment
  • Construction oversight, start up and operator training
  • Treatment system trouble-shooting and rehabilitation
  • Operational support
  • Regulatory support and permitting
  • Technologies utilized

How We Can Help

NewFields is known for customizing solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by our clients. We know that most projects don’t fit neatly in a box. Below is a sample of some of the most common services we provide for water and wastewater management and design.

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
    One size or one technology doesn’t always work, even if the treatment process is applied at another location with the same production process. Every case is unique in some way. Our hands on experience with a broad range of technologies assures the right component for all aspects of the treatment process.
  • Water Treatment/Reuse
    Water for reuse requires more than simple clarification.  Removing salts can generate a side stream that is more difficult to treat than the main waste stream and sludge that is more difficult to dispose. The ability to reuse water begins in the manufacturing process and requires collaboration between the client and NewFields’ engineers.
  • Stormwater Management and Treatment
    From airports to industry to municipalities, we bring unequaled experience to the management and treatment of stormwater. Our approach to stormwater is data driven. One airport project involving aircraft and pavement deicers was redesigned at a client savings of $100 million.
  • Treatment System Trouble-shooting and Rehabilitation
    Manufacturing processes change, equipment ages, and other changes can affect wastewater treatment processes. We have seen it all. Operating problems require close collaboration with the client and our experts. Collaboration creates relationships which enhance knowledge transfer, and solves problems.
  • Operational Support
    Who do you call when you need support? We seek to develop close, stable, and lasting relationships with clients. These relationships allow our experts to share their experience serving diverse clients and fosters ingenuity and innovation.
  • Regulatory Support and Permitting
    Hands on experience, strategic thinking, and an understanding of the financial and operational factors involved in modern industry allows us to assist with the negotiation of common sense permit requirements.

Case Study


A multinational company with manufacturing in 80 countries was planning a major formula change for its most valuable product. The change that was planned was expected to affect the characteristics of manufacturing wastewater. NewFields was asked to evaluate the potential impact and to recommend strategies to assure compliance with environmental laws.


We visited several plants to assess the manufacturing processes that produced the wastewater and the performance of existing treatment systems. We sent a questionnaire to all of the facilities involved in the production of the affected product. Next, our experts reviewed the questionnaire and discussed the findings with the client. From the questionnaire results, a small group was selected based on the importance of these plants to the client’s business.

A follow up visit was made to each of the sites to evaluate the capability of each treatment facility to remove the contaminant. It was discovered that the various manufacturing plants use a different form of the new ingredient and that these different forms had a large effect on treatment requirements and the ability to comply with effluent limits. We performed in-house testing to develop alternative chemical strategies to remove the contaminant from the wastewater and assisted the plant sites in planning, designing, construction, startup, and operating new or modified treatment facilities.

The NewFields Difference

What sets us apart? Knowledge, experience, a unique approach, and out-of-the box solutions. Our staff has a higher level of water, wastewater and stormwater operating experience than almost all of our competitors. Even our most senior practitioners spend most of their time at facilities dealing with the real problems of water management systems. This hands-on familiarity is reflected in our opinions, recommendations, and plans.

Let us help you with your next project and experience the NewFields difference!