Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

We provide a wide range of environmental and regulatory compliance services for both private and public sector clients around the world.  Our services include environmental, socio-economic, and regulatory expertise to ensure that regulatory requirements and constraints are fully identified so projects can be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. 
Our social impact assessments prepare accurate and complete socioeconomic baseline, determine economic impacts, examine impacts on minority and low income populations, and involve community groups in decision making.
We provide compliance services support to environmentally and politically sensitive energy and resource development projects to address potential impacts to water resources, wetlands, land uses, threatened and endangered species, cultural resources, and indigenous populations.  Our regulatory compliance work is conducted with strategic consideration, technical excellence, and senior management review—with a full understanding of the likelihood that it will be subjected to intense scrutiny by regulatory agencies, non-governmental special interest organizations, other stakeholders, and the public.  

Areas of Expertise: 

Facility Siting and Planning Services

NEPA and Related State Environmental Policy Compliance

Public and Community Involvement